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Al Alamiah Electronics Co., Kuwait

This company formerly operated as one of 4 major divisions that previously made up Al Alamiah Electronics Co.

Al Alamiah Electronics Co. has three large showrooms & a network of 150 distributors in Kuwait. It is one of the earliest companies established in the field of quality audio & video equipment in Kuwait, & it is one of the most trusted for the supply of solutions, execution of projects & within the retail industry.


The company provides the following products & equipment to the wholesale & retail markets:

  • JVC products: televisions, VCR’s & other JVC products.
  • Yamaha musical products & PA professional musical instruments.
  • SKC tapes.
  • HiFi systems from Mrantz

The company also supplies audio & video equipment, & undertakes the execution of large scale projects in this field.




Al Alamiah Electronics

P.O. Box 23781, Safat 13098, Kuwait

Tel: (+965) 531 9781

Fax: (+965) 533 1886

Email:  rros@alalamiah.com.kw


Adel Al Muawad             Manager


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